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History of the Teddy Bear

The story goes that the American President, Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, was on a shoot in 1902, after three days no bears were found. Eventually his guides found an old bear which they had trapped - here was the bear for him to shoot. The President refused, saying it was unsportsmanlike, and the incident was turned into a cartoon by Clifford Berryman in a Washington newspaper. 




As teddy bears, like us, are not always perfect, they always give love and acceptance to each and everyone they meet, as teddy bears just love making new friends.


Starting off with teddy bears with 5 joints, we added teddy bears with 2 and 3 joints as well as the unjointed teddy bears. Teddy Bears, as we all know, just love having new friends so we gave them a selection of animal soft toys.
We have a wide range of different colours and textures. Textures ranging from mohair, faux fur, towelling and fleecy.
The teddy bear features vary from safety eyes and nose to embroidered features.
The Teddy Bears with 5 Joints are made from Mohair or Fauxfur material. These are unique, specialized handmade teddy bears and are not mass-produced.
The teddy bears with 2 and 3 joints are made from Faux fur, fleece and towelling material. These can be ordered in quantities but being handmade each teddy bear develops their own personality.  Soft toys ideal for small children, gift for newborn baby, décor for baby’s nursery. Can be ordered for special events such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas décor and other small gifts. Also includes scented miniatures as car or home fresheners. Soft toys include, teddy bears, dogs, cats, frogs and various other animals. These soft toys range in size from 9cm upwards.
Miscellaneous: We have started making teddy furniture. Soft furniture includes armchairs and sofa. Beds, table and chairs, umbrella, pot plant containers picket fence are fashioned in wood.

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